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We Accept Dental Insurance Plans in New Baltimore

When finding affordable dentistry is your goal, you’ll likely say to yourself, “I need to see a dentist near me who accepts my insurance.” Most people receive dental insurance through their employer, who negotiates benefits with the insurance coverage. Some employers provide more benefits than others, which is why two patients can have different treatment costs even if they have the same provider. It’s also important to note that patients are responsible for the total fee even if they locate a dentist that takes insurance.

How Can I Locate a Dentist Near Me Who Accepts My Insurance?

If you’re unsure how to find a dentist in New Baltimore by insurance, let the team at our practice help you receive affordable care. We’re happy to file claims on your behalf while thoroughly explaining the details of your plan. We’re in-network with multiple insurance providers, making our practice a great option for patients of all budgets. Contact us now to book an appointment.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Insurance?

When examining your insurance coverage, you may say to yourself, “I don’t know how to use my dental insurance with a dentist in New Baltimore.” Knowing the right questions to ask your provider can help you maximize your coverage. We suggest that patients ask the following questions when speaking with an insurance company:

  • What is my deductible?
  • Are there annual minimum and maximum benefits?
  • How often can I visit the dentist?
  • Is there a waiting period before procedures?
  • Does my plan cover high-quality materials?
  • Does my plan cover Invisalign®?
  • Are dental implants covered?
  • What coverage is offered for cosmetic procedures?
  • Is a co-pay or visit fee required when I see the dentist?
  • Which dentist takes my insurance?

Dental insurance plans typically come in two major types: HMO and PPO. With HMO plans, you’ll often pay lower premiums; however, you must choose a dentist that accepts HMO insurance from a pre-selected list. PPO plans usually offer more options when selecting a dentist, but seeing a dentist that accepts PPO insurance may involve a co-pay.

Our dentists and team members are here to help you navigate the details of your plan. If you still have questions after speaking with your provider, give us a call for more information. Remember, even if you are able to find a dentist in New Baltimore by insurance, there may be outstanding charges after treatment. In this case, we may be able to provide flexible financing, which can make these costs more affordable.

Committed to Providing Affordable Dentistry

If you’ve said to yourself, “I need to find a dentist in New Baltimore by insurance,” know that we can help. Our experienced staff members will help you navigate the details of your plan and help you receive the most coverage possible for treatment. We’ll create a treatment plan that addresses your dental health concerns while staying within your budget. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Dental Insurance Plans

We accept most insurance plans and will be happy to help you understand the coverage that you have.

We will do our best to see that you receive your maximum insurance benefits for all covered services. No Insurance? No Worries! See our discounts and offers here.

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Patient Reviews
No matter which dental assistant I see during my visits, they are always friendly and personable.
Alecia B.
The staff is always very welcoming and puts me at ease. I appreciate the fact that they don’t try to up sell and don’t recommend treatments that really aren’t needed.
Carol S.
Very friendly and helpful staff. Took our appointment right on time.
Luciano P.
Always great service from a great group of people!!
Larry B.
Excellent customer service, very friendly, prompt work, they actually answer all of your questions. This will be my new dentist office. All staff trys to make you comfortable in your surroundings and […]
Ursula F.
Monica does a very good job of teeth cleaning, she is very thorough and professional.
Karen H.
The staff is very friendly. They do a great job.
Tricia C.
Excellent service & friendly people.
Susan F.
The staff is very nice. I usually do not have to wait very long in the waiting area. If I am going in for just a cleaning the appointment is usually pretty quick.
Heather C.
Got me in same day with no appointment and took care of my problem.
Carron R.
Everyone always greets you with a smile! They are very nice and patient. They do their best to always help you in anyway they can.
Monique R.
This office has really come through for my family and me when we had emergency dental needs. The doctor makes sure whatever needs doing gets done right, and makes right anything that isn’t perfect […]
Catherine N.
I am visiting my family in Richmond (from Nevada) and developed a toothache. My family called Gentle Dental, their dentist, on August 1st and they got me in on August 3rd. I had to have two teeth […]
Mary G.
Staff is friendly and really make it a pleasant experience.
Ronald S.
I was nervous about replacing a front crown and I feel much better about it now. I love the staff! The front desk person dug deep through my insurance policy to find the lowest out of pocket cost for […]
Erin K.
Super Nice & Personable, I don’t like going to the dentist because it hurts and is uncomfortable for me but it wasn’t that bad. You are my new dentist and I’m not so afraid to come […]
Tracy S.
I loved how i was treated. My experience was completely pain free. I wasn’t pressured to have unneeded dental work. My treatment options were explained patiently and thoroughly.
Constance S.
This is the best dental care I have ever had.
Shirley M.
Monica is always kind and considerate
James D.
The doctor and the staff are very caring and understanding
Garland D.
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